Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Browsing with Craig

Lately I've been obsessed with browsing Craigslist. I'm always on the hunt for something (currently it's dresser/nightstands or a headboard) and I always find something (though not typically anything I need LOL).
For example...I could find somewhere to put all of these things in my house.  Truly, I look at CL now every.single.morning. and I always fall in love with one piece or another.(My husband should be thanking his lucky stars right now that I know the meaning of restraint!).

On with the pictures.

This cane chair is only 15.00 I think it would be adorable with a punch of color...maybe a pretty yellow-gold (I am sooo into spring mode right now!) and a nice patterned fabric like this:

or even this:
Or this fabric with basic white paint:

I can even envision a vibrant turquoise:
 With a bright fabric like this:
The possibilities are endless with such classic lines. And 15.00? Sheesh! I would only spend about 30.00 on this piece in total and it would be beautiful!

Anyhow...moving on...
This was listed as a "french sofa" for 170.00 I think I would ask for lower price. I love the arms and legs (though the fabric is definitely nothing to look at). I figure that, again, would be a simple fix (if you have moderate sewing skills) to bust out new covers. This really makes me think of this great look by Centsationalgirl (btw, I am totally infatuated with her blog right now) :
Another thing I saw on CL made me think of her blog:
It was advertised at 200.00-a little steep (for my cheap ass) but I don't know much about this "Dorothy Draper" style so maybe it's really popular? Here's Centsationalgirl's after pic to get an idea of how nice it could be:
 And let me tell you--her before was identical to the pic above (but she said she got it for 13.00 at a thrift store). So, I stick by my comment that 200.00 is steep.
Anyhow. Isn't the after gorg? You can check out her before/after and the steps she took to create this lovely here.

Next, I spied an end table with purdy, purdy legs...
For 25.00. I'm trying to get out of my comfort of painting everything white, white, white...but that's how I see this piece. A soft white. Distressed.
And this as well, A vanity for 50.00

 My favorite find, that I drooled over and am still drooling over is this hutch. And let me tell you--I wouldn't change a single thing on it. As is it is beautiful!

It's going for only 125.00!!!! No hardware so I'd have to add that but oh my! It had me at Robin's Egg Blue...Lordy, am I smitten.
And yes, sweet husband, I know you're thinking, "Where in God's name, would you put that thing?" My response is (to quote my fav movie), "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn [where we put it so long as it's somewhere in my house cuz it's such a beautiful piece that I just gotta have it]" See why you should thank me for showing restraint?
Here are a few similar pieces from all over the net (basic google search):

And I'm done with Craigslist for about 2 hours for today. Still on the look out for the perfect nightstand/headboard.

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