Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Filing Cabinet Makeover...

I made the exciting decision to paint the filing cabinet I had upstairs when I was spring cleaning my loft. After all, it's only been in my house for 10 years and I've only been thinking about painting it for oh, the past 5 years so...why not now?

It took me 2 cans of spray paint (total investment-$2.00) and about 1.5 hours to do it. Sheer laziness made me delay this inexpensive and easy makeover.(Well, it was upstairs holding allllll those files and ugh...I'd have to unload the thing, carry it downstairs and outdoors...too much work!) It sat up there in all its ugliness beggin' me as I walked by, "please love me enough to give me a face lift. please." So, I finally did.

Here's the before:
I'm more embarrassed of my back patio.:::hangs head in shame:::

Weeds galore and an old empty flower pot? *sigh*
The neglect means I lead a very interesting and busy life, right?

Since the patio needed some TLC too the filing cabinet and he became instant friends. They started a secret club. And a book is already in the works, titled, "Orphaned by a Neglectful Parent...And Other Things that Cause Us Pain". Some chapters include "Fire Ants...A Biting Commentary" and "Gone with the Rust...As God as my Witness!"
(I've suddenly had an epiphany as to why I might never get around to certain things. Too busy making up imaginary book titles/chapters in my blog to bother with real work.)
Anyhow....Here's a pic of how beat up this filing cabinet really was:

 After taping off the handles I set to spray painting.
 After 1-2 coats it's already looking tons better.
I even had my daughter out there pulling weeds-just to show you how embarrassed dedicated I was to overcoming the weed problem. She kept complaining about the ants. I really need to maintain my backyard better so as to not invoke child labor.

In the end it didn't take much to finish off this mini-makeover. 2 cans of spray paint, 1.5 hours time, and 1 stubbed toe (my husbands- from moving the cabinet). Its worth it (especially since the stubbed toe was not mine).

Here's the finished product:

Do I even have to comment on how much better it looks? No? Good.

Here's the before/after:

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  1. The new look is definitely worth it. The change in that filing cabinet is simple, but it looks better now compared to before. Good thing you finally got the chance to do it.

    -Jackson Gaydosh