Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Clothing Conundrum...

The other day I got up feeling rather...punky. And it begged me to wonder (and ask out loud) the age-old question (pun intended) ...How old is too old to wear certain looks or styles?

We can typically agree that 50 year olds should not wear mini-skirts (I think the actual cut-off age  is 35).

 But what about something that just...has a younger feel to it? Does it look ridiculous on a 33 year old mom? Does it even matter?
I certainly don't want to be relegated to wearing only mom jeans

If I'm not showing too much skin is it okay to wear certain younger styles? Or do some styles just look wrong on, ahem, mature women? It's a tough question. Sometimes I say, "F-it! I'll wear what I want!"

The thing is, is that I have different feelings for different days. I feel a certain way and that's how I wanna dress that day. I wear clothing like I'm dressing up to play a character. It's just FUN. Whatever I feel is what I wear.

Sometimes I wanna look like this-Elegant and Classy:

Sometimes it's preppy librarian:

 Other times it's goth (black fingernails and eyeliner-YES!):
And then of course, punk...or punk goth...whichever I'm feeling:

Whenever I feel this way I really think about Avril Lavigne (sooo love her look). She's got that pretty goth/punk thing going on that doesn't look trashy--it's pretty. See:

Anyhow...on this particular day I was feeling all Punky Brewster.(a testament to how old I actually am--a Punky Brewster reference!):

So, I went with a cute dress that is just a tad too dressy (tiered ruffles) and decided to dress it down while punking it up. 

First things first, Chucks (or knock-off  Ralph Lauren Chucks in my case) and slouchy socks:
 I added a cardigan to match and a belt...I felt sufficiently punk enough for my attitude of the day (hey, can't go too overboard since I am in my 30's here)

But then I started to wonder.. is this a fashion faux-pas?*gasp* Should I not be wearing something like this at my age? And then I said to myself, "You know, you're feeling just punk enough to say,'Screw 'em!'"

And that's what I wore out to lunch with my friend. I'm sure she hoped people weren't staring at the old chick trying to look young.

But I do this with my hair too.
Am I too old for the Princess Leia buns?
Or braids

and pigtails (though low-not high)

Should I not care?


  1. Enjoy life! Wear what you want not what other people think!! Until you feel it looks wrong on you then enjoy what you wear! At least that's my opinion. Take it or leave it. LOL Love ya!

  2. I am of the same opinion as the fine lady above. Just try not to run into Stacy and Clinton. (I can not STAND that show!)