Tuesday, April 26, 2011

IKEA, I *heart* thee...

When Ikea first moved to my city I went there constantly. I'd never been to Ikea before (none near me in Oklahoma) and everything was so inexpensive and the showrooms were so inspirational and.... I went there all the time.

I hadn't been in awhile so I decided to pop in for a bit. My favorite area is the AS-IS section. I can get great deals there for pennies. When I was there I got these baskets for only 3.00 each (reg 7.00 I think):

I used them to organize my medicine and other toiletries in the master bath.

Then I went over and just fell in love with these pillow covers...so springy!

Very reminiscent of Pottery Barn to me. Like these I just found on their site:

Except mine cost 5.00 a piece while theirs were 20.00 each. Yea!

Ikea keeps me in pretty decor while not breaking my budget.

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