Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oklahoma-True Story

I visited my home state this past month for my cousins wedding (very pretty wedding!) but we also went to visit my grandma in the middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma population under 20,000. She lives out in the country on a little piece of land that used to be called a farm (back in the days when she was younger, my grandpa was alive, and they actually had cows and grew a lot of different fruits and veggies.)

Anyhow. We stopped at a convenience store near her house and I couldn't resist getting a picture of this sign hanging in the window along with many others:

If this doesn't scream Oklahoma country to you I don't know what does (address and phone blurred out to protect the innocent).

As much as I love bacon (the meat, not the pet) I was really rooting for Bacon (the pet, not the meat) not to be found. I sat in the car thinking perhaps Bacon ran away and is living good out in the wild praires of Oklahoma with no fear of being butchered (and perhaps he was just a pet and the owners just missed their little pot belly piggie Bacon with no intention of him being anything more- but not likely in Oklahoma).

I really wanted to call the number and ask if they ever found their lil' piggy.
And now I must go because I really have a hankering for breakfast food.

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