Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Browsing with Craig...

It's been a while since I've posted about Craigslist browsing but I do it almost daily. Craigslist is the ultimate thrift store and, just like thrifting, you have to check more than once a month if you're gonna find any treasures. It requires constant watch and attention to find that perfect piece at the perfect price. Just a week ago I found this chair and ottoman that started out at 65.00 -which I snagged for 40.00:

 It was a quality chair/ottoman though stained (no problem since I planned on cleaning and slipcovering anyway). Some people are concerned for cleanliness (bed bugs and others habits) when shopping craigslist and I completely understand that but I'm careful when I look at anything with fabric. I was only looking for an ottoman so the chair was an added bonus. A new ottoman would cost 100.00+ but I got a chair and ottoman for 40.00. Good deal. Of course after slipcovering and cleaning maybe it will be at 100.00 anyway but like I said- I got a chair out of the deal and this is better quality than the ottoman I was looking at for 100.00 (Ikea).

To give you an idea of how long it's taken me to find such a deal I have been looking for an ottoman for about a year. Luhvah has been complaining that the chair I bought last year (identical to the one above) doesn't have an ottoman to prop his feet up to really relax. I just had to be patient (and listen to his nagging for awhile) in order to find the exact type of ottoman I wanted for the price I wanted (otherwise I might as well have bought the Ikea one a year ago).

So, back to my original point (I know, I'm long-winded an amazing storyteller), you really must be patient and browse craigslist every day to find the spectacular deals. Here are just a few items I've gotten from craigslist:

This dresser-20.00
 This table/chairs-25.00

Yes, I realize I have an addiction to white. It's just sooo pretty and clean.

If you click into the links you can see that the before pics from those craigslist pieces weren't so purdy. They just needed a little TLC.

And these are no different:

This sideboard/buffet is only 50.00. That's a steal for such a vintage piece.

Incidentally, with CL you really must watch out for people's claims of "BEAUTIFUL headboard" (read: "bought in the 80's which, at one time, was the height of trendy-if you're really into black lacquer and gold brass") or "VINTAGE chest" (read: "this 1970's particle board dresser is totally out of this world man") or "SHABBY CHIC end table" (read: "hasn't been cleaned or repainted since Jesus resurrected and it's chipping pretty badly so take it AS-IS")- there really is a wide variety of what some catagorize as "vintage/shabby/beautiful/antique", etc.

And just to show the disparity between pricing on CL here's another sideboard that's listed at 1000.00:

So, you really must browse intensely for that perfect gem.

I saw this pretty dresser which reminded me of my mom (her guest bedroom is an americana theme):

The price on this is pretty steep (850.00), but there are a few people who use CL to sell repainted pieces- someone who takes a piece and turns it into something special with the intent to resell. I admit this is definitely a pretty piece. I think this would be easy to copy though if you found your own CL dresser for 50.00.

Here's another I think would be nice to copy:

It's from the same seller and it's going for 195.00. Again, I would find a dresser in the same style from CL and then try and redo it myself. But for those who want to buy a piece with no DIY these are nice ones.

Here's another cute dresser for 99.00 with a really pretty trim:

Luhvah says I have a really bad obsession with dressers. I'm always bringing home dressers to DIY. It's true. They are just so versatile. Dressers-not just for clothing anymore. I use one as a tv stand, as a catch all for decor items, as a side table, etc.

But some non-dresser CL finds:

This cute wicker chair-only 50.00.

This queen headboard and footboard would be nice if painted white or black or a pretty pop of color for a bright bedroom- it's 25.00!

The thing with CL is ya gotta look past all the gunk. To see an item for what it can be instead of what it is. Which is really difficult for some people. (Amazing considering how many woman do it with worthless men ("But inside he's just a gooey center... he's just a little boy deep down...I know he can be better...I know there is more to him than meets the eye...") Gah. I mean, really, if you can do it with those losers surely you can open your mind up to the beauties on CL! LOL.

Until next time with Craig...

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  1. Really like the flag dresser but alas I'm not paying that price for anything!! Wish I could find good deals on CL but so far not.