Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mah Luhvah! A Dryer Sense of Humor

I know I've told you about Luhvah before. Like, when he cleaned the kitchen for me (no, it wasn't just that one time, he probably cleans it more than me!) or when he cleaned himself up and took me to the theatre.

Here is Luhvah:

And the reason I'm writing this post is to tell you how awesome he is (yet again).

Backstory: for the past 6-9 months my dryer has been on the fritz. It had been doing this:

That video isn't mine but you get the idea. It was driving me insane  crazier than I already am. Even with the laundry room door shut it was still loud enough to be annoying.

So, for the past 4 months I had been telling Luhvah that it needed to be fixed. I googled and found what appeared to be the problem (drum rollers worn out) and if we replaced them ourselves it would be cheaper than hiring someone (I'd even found a video on youtube with our exact model and step-by-step instructions on how to replace them.) The cost? $60.00 vs. $200.00. And about an hour's worth of our time. But I kept putting it off for some reason or another (okay, laziness).

Then, I came home one day to find this:

Some of you peeps out there might think that my husband replacing the drum rollers on a dryer is no big deal. But let me explain why it soooo.totally.is:

1) My Luhvah, bless his soul, is not a handyman. He just has no interest in it whatsoever. I'm cheap but he's not and I'd rather DIY while he'd rather hire someone to not bother with it at all. As you can imagine, it causes quite a difference in opinions when it comes to household maintenance. He's just not a DIY-er.

2) My Luhvah ordered the parts, found the video, and installed it all on his own as a surprise to me. He was being thoughtful and planning. And I don't know how your Luhvah's are out there but, while my Luhvah is thoughtful, he's most certainly not a planner. He's a major procrastinator. So for him to have done all this without a peep from me was awesome and wonderful.

3) I had every intention of doing this myself one day with the help of Luhvah or daughter or a friend or the UPS guy who just happened across my neighborhood. Really, I had no nagging thoughts that maybe Luhvah would do it if I complained about it enough. Mostly because--see explaination 1.

So it was a super sweet surprise to come home to find him working on this. And now my dryer sounds like this:

(And that is my finished dryer- no knob and all) This is just another reason why I love Luhvah.

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