Thursday, October 4, 2012

Running the Race-My first 5K

Most people who are runners are probably thinking, "No big deal" but let me just tell you, in no particular order, exactly why running a 5K was definitely a BIG deal for me.

1) Ummm... hello, obvious-I've never run 3.1 miles before.
2) I'm totally out of shape.
3) I much prefer lying on the couch watching movies and eating cookies than exercising.
4) The race was in the morning. Check-in at 6:30 am, race at 7:30 am.
5) I am sooooo not a morning person.
6) Read number 5, like, 4 more times. Repeat.

So, I was up at 4:45 am to get ready to go. It was difficult.  We got to the park and I was fortunate enough that Luhvah, daughter, and a friend (who already had many 5K's and a couple of half marathons under her belt) went with us to cheer us on. In a previous post I outlined how my goal for running was 36:00 min.

Here was the map of the path we ran:

When we got there to check in it was still dark. But I had nervous adrenaline running through me so I was wide awake. Here's a pic with me and my friend, Charity, who woke her ass up at 430am to come support me and my first 5K!
 Thank you, Charity!

I want to point out that this was a 5K that ran up and over a bridge in the Tampa Bay area. This bridge was my nemesis. When I explained to Luhvah our path over it he was like, "No, I don't think you're going over it..." and I was like, "ummmm...I'm pretty sure we are and I know it's sooo steep going up those inclines...I'm scared!" But until he actually saw us running it he was like, "no way".

Here is a play-by-play of my run (click on it to see up close):

I don't know if you can tell in the photos above but that is a serious incline. Although it was a beautiful day and a very picturesque route over the water I could hardly concentrate on that when I was too busy reminding myself to breathe.

About a fourth of the way up the incline my friend, Rachael, who was running the race with me, gave me a thumbs up and was like, "Yay! Keep going! We can do it!" and all I could think was I don't have time for your shit I'm running here How are you even able to speak right now, let alone be happy???!

Here we are at the start line waiting for the race to begin:
And doesn't she look so cute and perky? I, on the other hand, look a little scary. She didn't tell me that she was going to wear makeup and (stupid me) I showed up sans makeup barely brushing my hair to throw into a ponytail and there she is looking all adorable. When I noticed it I practically screamed in her face, "ARE YOU WEARING MAKE-UP???" To which she replied, "ummm...duh! we're not running a marathon- it's just a 5K." As if I wouldn't sweat my balls make-up off. 

To keep it real, here we are after the race:
Look how much redder my face is. I woulda been drippin' makeup if I'd worn it, y'all.

The end of the line, here I am crossing the finish line:
Adrenaline kicked in as I rounded the corner and (with the help of the downward slope) I had a burst of energy just being glad I was almost done. I was sooo happy passing the finish line.
See the clock above the word FINISH? Yeah, that's my time. So, my goal was 36:00 min and I totally made it! YAY! I was jazzed (see my jazz hands, y'all?)

Luhvah was the greatest husband on earth and made both me, and my friend Rachael, signs. They were displaying them, cheering, when we crossed the finish line.

Y'all, they were glittered and bedazzled with flashy battery operated stars that blinked. My Luhvah is sooo awesome. Know what makes him even more awesome? He got all the supplies from Michaels---with coupons. God, I love that man. He knows just how to get me hot!

After the 5K, I told Luhvah and Charity my thoughts midway through about how I never wanted to do one ever, ever again. After I cooled down some 20 min later Charity asked me if I still felt the same way. Of course not! And now my goal is a 10K. Which is what I started working on this past week.

The other day I went out to run a mile just to see what time I could run it in.

 9:30 min.

I've never been able to do that. Even when P.E. in school required a mile out of you under 10 minutes. Never.

After I finished my 9:30 mile I was in awe of the fact that I ran a MILE and it didn't feel like I had even exercised. I mean, sure, I felt hot and sweaty and I pushed myself running but it was over so quickly I didn't even feel like I had worked out. And I felt so accomplished because I ran a mile and thought, "gee that was nuthin'".
And even more amazing- I have to run 3 miles now before I feel like "Gosh, that was a killer RUN!" Because I took it slow the week after the race and ran only 2 miles another day and it was like, " fast." I was done in 20 minutes.

Now my goal is a 10K and I'm hoping to run one soon. Until then, I am looking forward to running another 5K-the color run! It's a 5K where they throw color on you as you run.
This time my daughter is even joining in on the fun! I'm sooo excited and will keep you updated.

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  1. You have inspired me....I AM going to do this.