Saturday, October 3, 2009

Is fall here? I didn't notice...

Living in Florida it's difficult to tell when fall arrives. Usually for us, it's in mid-February of the next year. Since fall is my favorite season it can be a bit disappointing when everyone else around the country is talking about the leaves changing, the crisp autumn smell in the air, and chilly afternoon walks. Here in Florida it's 90 degrees outside and my daughter is swimming almost every day.

If anyone has some cool weather they'd like to share I'd be happy to take some off your hands...
Still, I try to make the most of the fall and I started decorating the house in hopes that it would bring about cooler weather.

Oh and check out the wreath I got last year --90% off brought it to only 3.00 at Bealls:

I had forgotten about it until I unpacked my fall things and there it was! I was so excited to be able to hang it this year.

Have a Happy Autumn and think of me when you are drinking apple cider on a cold day.

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