Monday, October 12, 2009

FREE filler...

Everyone likes freebies, right? Well, I'm no different.
The other day while my husband and I were trimming the palm trees in our front yard we cut down this:

I was intrigued by these little hard seedlings while my husband was completely creeped out. He said they looked like alien baby eggs or some such nonsense. lol
They were hard like a nut and came off easily enough so I decided to pick them off and use as a filler. A nice pop of green color much like I use cranberries, nuts, etc. for fillers. When I googled them I found that the palm is considered a Canary Island Date Palm and the little seeds are actually dates similar to what is sold in stores but smaller.

Here's what they looked like after I took them off the vine:

look at all those little alien baby seeds. :)

I just put them in a large trashcan lid and sprayed them well with the water hose. I wanted to make sure I washed off all the dirt, grime and any little insects that might have used these as a house. Then I transfered them to a couple of strainers and sprayed them more and set them in the sink. I wanted to make sure they were thoroughly clean.

And then I just used them as fillers :

It adds a nice natural pop of color to my lanterns. And -even better- it was free.

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