Monday, October 12, 2009

My new dresser!

For my birthday my husband was nice enough to purchase me yet another dresser (he always says I go for dressers on craigslist...he says that we're chock full of dressers so he doesn't understand why I need another.) Anyhow. I love DIY dressers.

This one was beautiful when I saw it in the thrift store and was in great condition. Originally they wanted 100.00 but I got them down to 75.00 for it. It is a great solid piece.

I even love the hardware:

It's a little scuffed up and I was originally considering painting it. But now I'm thinking of just restaining it.
It's such a lovely piece.

What do you think? Restain or paint? If I painted I'd probably go with a black to match the other pieces in the room.
I can't wait to tackle this piece. I'll show you afters when I'm done.


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  2. Stained definietly! Remember not everything has to match to have an awesome bedroom!! Think it is a great piece.