Sunday, October 11, 2009

Whew...I'm exhausted...

This blogging thing really is fun but wow...information overload.
I started looking around for pretty blog backgrounds and 3 hours later I found one that I like and that works when I copy/paste it (I swear I'm fairly adept at computers but really--this made me feel like an imbecile!).

It's just amazing all the different backgrounds there are out there. There are too many to choose from! I love a lot of the looks for different times/feelings. I tell people that I'm a walking contradiction- I am a Libra after all- and I am always changing my mind (don't even try to talk to me about big issues...I can always see both sides). So, some days I feel dainty and pretty (like sunshine and roses) and other days I want something dark, moody and edgy. Being as how there are tons of backgrounds I want to change mine every day based on my mood. lol.

I settled on this vintage Halloween looking background because it was just way too cool. I love the header especially. Then in another month I'll be on the hunt for something for Thanksgiving.
I think I'm really enjoying this blogging thing.

What do you think of my background?

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